Project TBC: WoW Level Locking at 70 to play SSC/TK/BT/SW

A few nights a guildmate of mine announced that he was starting a new adventure and invited everyone in our guild to come along. We were going to take advantage of this small lull in content to do something out of the ordinary. 

A few of us met while playing on a WoW private server based on the Burning Crusade expansions.  So it seemed only fitting with all of the buzz around Blizzard’s possible plans for a Classic TBC, that we would go revisit some of that old content.

What is Project TBC

My guild all rolled ALLIANCE on SISTER OF ELUNE RP realm. We will level to 70 and lock our xp and we’ll be doing heroics and TBC raids. 

What are the Rules?

Any race including allied races, no DKs and no Monks. We are only allowed to use enchants/profession perks/gems/gear of TBC era. We are allowed to use Heirlooms/xp pots to level fast. We are not using mains to boost gear at 70 since this defeats the purpose of the project but we might change this rule in case we need a lot more gear to clear the 25 mans.

How do I lock my level once I reach level 70?

To keep your character from leveling higher, follow these steps:

For the Horde faction:

  1. Go to the Hall of the Brave, Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar.
  2. Look for and talk to Slahtz.
  3. For 10g he will put a hold on all experience points earned.
  4. You can enable your experience again by seeing Slahtz and paying another 10g.

For the Alliance faction:

  1. Go to the War Room, Stormwind Keep in Stormwind City.
  2. Look for and talk to Alliance Behsten.
  3. For 10g he will put a hold on all experience points earned.
  4. You can enable your experience again by seeing Behsten and paying another 10g .

Are there people that actually play like this?

There are a whole lot of people that choose to level lock at certain expansions.  Here is a list of some character profiles that are locked at 70. Here is a huge list of characters locked at level 70.  There are a lot of communities that hold level specific events for this type of play.

Current Goals

I’ve decided to play a Paladin and I am currently level 48 and hope to be 70 later today. We have about 15 people at level 70 in my guild and 35 total.  My guild was scheduled to do Kara and Gruul last night. To all that are participating: Happy leveling!