How to Gear for Raiding: Moving up from the Farm Team

With more people playing WoW Classic amidst all of the stay-at-home orders, a lot of raiding guilds are seeing an increased interest in raiding.  

I see a lot of confused players out in the wild, wondering why they can’t get into the GOOD raid team. How are they supposed to get better at the game if they can’t get weapons or other gear from the highest level raids?

Wait. Stop. Its time to change your mindset.

WoW Classic gearing is different

Unlike more recent expansions of World of Warcraft, WoW Classic does not function the way you may think.  Most people think it works like this: Hit level 60 > Get in a raid guild > raid and get gear > repeat the previous step.  When in reality there is a bit more involved than that. Guild leadership is less likely to hold your hand through every gear upgrade that you can get outside of 20 or 40 man content. Since there are so many resources out there the burden is on the player to seek out resources and ask questions.

Did you know that there was a flourishing private server community only played vanilla WoW since World of Warcraft first came out? This means that we have 15 years’ worth of theory crafting and players knowledge that we can use to our advantage.  

Your pre-raid best in slot gear could be better than most of the raid gear. In my guild, see some of our top damage players using crafted and dungeon blues because those are the best items right now.  Items like Hand of Justice and Bloodvine Garb are fantastic and do not require a raid group to get.

So you may be a bit in the dark when it comes to knowing what to do next.

How do I figure out what is best for my class and role?


WoWhead has some preliminary guides to get you started.  You will want to look at these BIS lists with a critical eye and read the comments that other players make. Usually in the discussions you will get more information, like how much spell hit you need and alternative items if you don’t have the gold to spend on a Lionheart Helm

Reddit is a great resource to find discussions on specific questions. You can find many posts where people discuss what is worthwhile for upgrades.

Icyveins is also a great resource for class specific guides. Again most of these guides are good starting points and so much in raiding depends on the RNG of what drops so you will need to need and there are a lot of dungeon blues that are better than raid items.  Here is Icyvein’s priest healing writeup


There are so many knowledgeable people looking to share what they’ve learned. Figuring out what to do can be time consuming, so why not ask the experts? Here are my shoutouts for some community contributors:

Class Specific Discord

Discord servers are some of the best places to go for game related discussion, theory crafting and to learn something new. Not only will the information be more up to date, but if someone offers some incorrect information there are others to let you know.

WoWHead Gear Database

If you are a freshly dinged level 60 and want to find some upgrades you can browse the classic wowhead item database Here you can find every item in the game and filter for the current phase of classic.  We are currently in phase 4.

You’ve done the research, now what?

Now is the time to make some friends in the community and grind out those pieces that you need. If you want to encourage people to help you out keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t just do things that you need, also help out your guild mates with what they need.
  • Bring a positive attitude. No one wants to play with someone who is constantly complaining, so don’t be that person.
  • Don’t get mad when people make mistakes. We are all trying to get better and we get better with practice.
  • Recommended: If someone is helping you out and has nothing to gain from the dungeon run, let them have the BOE drops.

World of Warcraft Classic is so much more about the community than other games with group matching queues, so make sure you keep that in mind and be a decent human being when you play with others. The players in your groups are real people sitting behind a screen just like you. Happy playing!

1 thought on “How to Gear for Raiding: Moving up from the Farm Team”

  1. While what you wrote is correct, you’re missing the point. Well, at least the one thing that annoyed me back in vanilla and also made me go ‘nope’ all the way when looking at raiding in Classic.

    So let’s look at the Rogue BiS list.

    2x Stratholme / 1x Scholo / 2x LBRS / 2x DM West / 2x DM North / 5x UBRS / 2x crafted, yay (maybe 3)

    What would I want to do? Raid in a big group.
    What would I not want to do? Do 5mans all over again and the loot I want will never drop or get rolled by someone else.
    Maybe this works in a huge guild where you wouldn’t have a Feral and two Rogues competing for the same drops.

    And I’m not comparing this to “easy mode” Retail. I’ve less of a problem queuing and running the same dungeon even 10 times, but I always hated the manual group search (spamming) in chat, waiting for people (can’t even go grind something meanwhile) and traveling to the instance.

    This doesn’t mean I’d show up for the raid in greens and I’m happy if it works out for you, but playing on my (relatively populated even) EU server the experience of trying to get a group, or just a 5th DPS for a low-mid dungeon was enough already 🙁


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