Ikea, a Gamer’s Best Friend? Yea, I think so.

We have the good fortune of having an Ikea warehouse close to our house.  Anytime that we have had something specific in mind for a piece of furniture we look everywhere for options.  Most of the pieces that would work for us tended to be expensive.  Enter Ikea!  A cheap, modular furniture super hero.  Being a small family, we tend to be easy on our furniture which gives the inexpensive Ikea furniture a long life.  I also own a power drill which is necessary for any type of assembly.

Of me and my husband, I am the more handy.  I’ve installed a wall mounted tv, replaced the ice maker in our freezer and have put together countless desktop PCs.  Furniture is not much different.

I had a vision for my computer desk and shopped for months before I threw my hands in the air.  There were no good options for what I wanted to make.  I needed something clean and modern that was also ergonomic, I was getting neck pain from looking down at my monitors all day.  Looking for answers on the internet I found Ikea Hackers and found exactly what I was looking for.  Not long after I was building my desk and creating the simple, minimalist look that I wanted.


My husband has been playing on a small glass top desk for many years and talking about updating his set up.  After settling on a design idea it took almost a year to pull the trigger.  We took a trip to the store and picked up the pieces to make the hub’s dream desk.  A month later the boxes are still sitting unopened and driving me nuts, which in retrospect may have been by design.  I was fed up!  If I get something new I want it set up right away and it was just sitting in a box looking ugly in my house!  One evening while he was working on something outside of our computer room I started clearing off his desk and carry it down stairs.  I emptied the first box of a zillion pieces onto the floor and got to work.

Ikea pieces

Later when he comes into the room I look up to him and say “the fastest way we can do this is if you take that box in the other room and start putting that piece together.  It will probably take 30 minutes.”  One hour later…we have most of the desk put together with just a few finishing touches needed.

It wasn’t until the weekend when I found myself staring at the mounting bracket spread out along the floor.  The hubs was in the next room taking a nap and I got to work.  I haven’t mounted a monitor before but I’ve done a wall mounted TV.  This was similar and the directions were good.


We also found this LED sticky tape lighting which was a total impulse buy.  I ran this along the back edge and down the side of the desk.  The light will either scroll through the color spectrum or you can freeze it on a specific color.


It was a long process, mostly of the pieces sitting in boxes in the hallway, but we finally have a new desk!  Just in time for BFA!  At least we got it done before our upcoming MMO bingefest!

10 thoughts on “Ikea, a Gamer’s Best Friend? Yea, I think so.

  1. We have a few 4 foot long 2 1/2 feet deep glass top desks. I got 5 of them years ago on closeout from Staples for around $50 each. They have a nice solid wood frame, and a raised ledge on the back side to put your monitor on so it’s a few inches higher. It’s not exactly perfect for all of the various monitor bases, and over the years we’ve used books, even some left over pieces of hardwood flooring that’s almost the right height. I’m taller than average, so I bought an under monitor stand for papers to raise mine up 8”. My wife’s never seemed to fit the height she wanted, and she couldn’t turn it much, or get it closer. So last year I got her an adjustable arm to mount it. Similar to what you did. The problem I ran into was the bargain price I got on our monitors meant there were no screw holes in the back. An email to the company gave me a solution. Go to the hardware store and get some really strong epoxy and glue the plate on the back. Lol. So I found a tube of 600 pound rated epoxy and glued it on. It is rock solid. We are able to have it at a height that’s perfect, and she can pull it closer to her if she wants to lean back in the chair.

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    1. I should post a picture of my desk at work. I have 4 reams of paper under my laptop and 2 reams under my monitor. I put in a request to get some similar mounting hardware for the equipment so I’m waiting for that to get approved…

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  2. I wish we had an IKEA closer! The closest one is a couple hours drive away, and since we don’t want to bring a toddler there, it usually requires advanced planning to get someone to watch him for the day. The new desk looks amazing!

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