A Safehaven for Women in World of Warcraft

With the introduction of communities, we’ve seen a explosion of all sorts of groups forming.  There are massive amounts of social groups with a common focus beyond gaming.  So if you want to play games with people that you can identify with you can find them more easily through the use of in game communities.  I’ve been searching for new people to play with that I can relate too.  I’m excited to expand my group of friends beyond just my guild.

I’ve never thought of combining the different parts of my identity in what ever game I was playing.  When I was gaming, I was a gamer and that was usually the end of it.  I never looked for more in a guild than, 1. was the guild going to help me accomplish my in game goals? and 2. were these people that I can tolerate?

I always viewed a guild as a type of family or work environment where you got to know them and worked on keeping the peace, but you didn’t necessarily hold the same values as these people.  Of course I can’t pick my family and actively work to get along with them the best that I can, same goes with co-workers.  Parts of my identity  that drive my opinions are that I am a woman, feminist, minimalist, rule follower to a fault, mother, wife and working mom.  I don’t expect to find only people exactly like me but if there is an intersection between two or more of these things it gives us more to bond over and a way to create lasting friendships.

During my search for a new group that I share a common interest with, I have found a female focused group called Sisters of Azeroth.  Their gatekeepers are strict in order to maintain a safe place for women to exist in gaming.   If you are interested in joining the discord channel you must verify that you are female by voice chatting with one of the moderators.  From there you will gain access to the community group links.  The population of this group has exploded and the have some exciting things in the works including a twitch channel and community events.  Groups like this will only grow bigger as we move further into the expansion.

2 thoughts on “A Safehaven for Women in World of Warcraft

  1. Well done! I had no idea and have not gone a-hunting for any groups. I wonder how I would identify myself.
    Question: Does the Sisters of Azeroth group feel empowered to go political with Blizzard? I mean, this is a voice!

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