Bedtime Struggles and Raid Time

A cry comes from the other room.  We have spent the past hour working through the demons of the burning throne fortress and we had further to go still.  I looked at my husband and he looked at me, both of us with hands on keyboard and mouse.  The cry comes again.  We were playing a game of chicken and I was about to win.

The whole first year of my daughter’s life, I was tired.  While there weren’t too many sleepless nights, but there were very few that I stayed in bed all night uninterrupted.  One of my gamer friends at work asked me if I was able to play video games with a kid?  I honestly told her that at that time I wanted to make sure I got enough sleep and would go to bed shortly after my kid was asleep.

Once we hit the 2 year mark of toddler-hood the clouds parted and my PC beckoned.  I was getting tired of the tablet games that have been occupying my 20-30 minutes of free time before bed and I was finally ready to have a few hours to do my own thing again.  It was not how it used to be.  Gone were the days where I wasn’t able to participate in scheduled play for several uninterrupted hours because at a moment’s notice I had to leave.  If I couldn’t be reliable I didn’t want to cause problems for the people that I played with.  After a long stint of good bedtimes routines and actually getting a full nights sleep I was ready to get back at it!

There are still nights where a 10pm potty break is needed and night time cuddles are still very much an enjoyable part of those few times where my sleep is interrupted.   I’m fortunate to have a husband who games with me and is able to split the parent load when it comes to taking care of the bedtime troubles.  There is something I miss about the baby phase but I’m happy that we are past it.  I’m sure I will be saying the same thing as we move past toddlerhood and into a more independent phase of life.




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